Mine Dingocoin using Prohashing, mining Dingocoin is now got even simpler with Prohashing as they provide hash power on a rental basis and have an option to get a payout in dingocoin.

Steps to Mine Dingocoin using Prohashing

  • Register on Prohashing.com
  • Complete Your profile on it properly and use genuine information.
  • Follow their “Getting Started” Guides.

CPU: https://prohashing.com/guides/cpu-quick-start

GPU: https://prohashing.com/guides/gpu-quick-start

ASIC: https://prohashing.com/guides/buying-an-asic-miner#connecting

  • Set payouts to Dingocoin from the dropdown menu
prohashing payot
  • Click “+Add New Payout Option” in the Payout Settings.
  • Find and select Dingocoin from it.
  • After it gets added click on edit.
  • Add a valid Dingocoin address.
  • Set your payout threshold according to your criteria/requirements.
  • Edit and Save Target Proportions.
  • Switch it to 100% Dingocoin to be paid out fully in Dingocoin, if you want to be paid in other coins, you can add coins and change proportions accordingly.
  • View Mining Stats: Click “Dashboard” on the drop-down menu to access stats.


If you have any questions regarding how to Mine Dingocoin Using ProHashing, feel free to reach out on the Discord group: 


For Dingocoin information, check out our website:

https://dingocoin.org/ or https://blog.dingocoin.org