Dingocoin was created in April 2021. Plenty of people have approached the mod team since the very beginning and asked us for a contract address(wdingocoin) so they could buy.

Well, Dingocoin didn’t have that, but with the Custodian, now it does! And it is linked to the Dingocoin blockchain so by buying wDingocoin, you are in essence buying Dingocoin.

1 wDingocoin = 1 Dingocoin

The contract on the BSC and the SPL token on SOL are written so that no coin can be minted except through the Custodian, and the only way to mint with the custodian is to send it your Dingocoin.

So the Dingocoin blockchain in essence acts as a security feature to the wDingocoin on the Smart Chain. If you want more wDingocoin, you can either buy it from the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap or Raydium for SOL or mine it on the Dingocoin Blockchain and convert it with a custodian!

What is wDingocoin Custodian

The custodian (https://wrap.dingocoin.org) is a website that you can send your dingocoin to and convert it (on bsc or sol for now) and vice versa, and after enough blockchain confirmations(right now 120), will mint an equal number of wDingocoin to BSC or SOL (minus custodian fees). You can have them sent directly to your MetaMask or Trust wallet or Phantom wallet.

Custodian is also used to convert your wDingo back to Dingocoin so you can always just use custodian to swap between both.